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Ian Fisher




Born 1984.  Nova Scotia, Canada.
Lives and Works in Denver, Colorado, USA.




2006 University of Colorado at Boulder


Selected Exhibition History (solo marked with asterisk*) 



Desire Lines. The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Salt Lake City, UT.

Collectivity. Durden & Ray. Los Angeles, CA

*Half Lives. The Art Base, Basalt, CO.

10X: 10th Anniversary Exhibition. RedLine. Denver, CO. Curated by Cortney Lane Stell



Together With. Philip J. Steele Gallery, RMCAD. Lakewood, CO. Curated by Kate Mothes.

Untitled. The University of Minnesota, Morris. Morris, MN.

Together With. The Bubbler. Madison, WI. Curated by Kate Mothes.



Looking Back/Moving Forward.  The Arvada Center. Denver, CO.

*In Advance of Light. Robischon Gallery. Denver, CO. 

Sunday Paper. Dateline. Denver, CO.



Art on the Edge. The New Mexico Museum of Art. Santa Fe, NM.

DeCOSLUT. Gildar Gallery. Denver, CO.



*Critical Focus: Ian Fisher. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO.

More Than Friends, TANK Studios. Ironton. Denver, CO.

Dashed and Crashed. Hyperlink Gallery. Chicago, IL.

Contemporary Colorado: A Survey of Contemporary Art in Colorado. Curated by Nora Burnett Abrams. Curfman Gallery, Colorado State University. Fort Collins, CO.

The Real Draw: Colorado Artists Making Their Mark in Drawing. Curated by Mary-Ann Kokoska. Community Creative Center. Fort Collins, CO.

*Make It Rain. Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver, CO.



First Draft. Biennial of the Americas. The McNichols Civic Center Building. Denver, CO.

The Exquisite Corpse. Drawing collaboration with Bill Amundson. GroundSwell Gallery, Denver, CO.



The Eye Awake. New Work by Ian Fisher & Matthew Harris. Curated by Cortney Lane Stell. Andrew J. Macky Gallery, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Boulder, CO.

*Atmospheres. Museum of Outdoor Arts. Englewood, CO.

The Surface Beneath. Robischon Gallery. Denver, CO.

*Altimeter. Rude Gallery, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Denver, CO.


Cooper Hewitt Museum Presents: Design for the Other 90%. RedLine Gallery, Denver, CO
Double Diptych. Vertigo Art Space, Denver, CO
EYTJ (Even Younger Than Jesus). Robischon Gallery, Denver, CO.
*Turbulence. Buell Theatre, Denver, CO.
Braided Apart. RedLine Gallery, Denver, CO.
Love Lines. Robischon at RedLine Gallery, Denver CO.
You of All People. Here of All Places. RedLine Artist in Residence Exhibition. RedLine Gallery, Denver, CO
Mirrorrim. Ian Fisher and Sterling Crispin. Redline Gallery, Denver, CO.
SIDEBESIDE. Gallery T, Denver, CO.
Inagural Exhibition. Gallery T, Denver, CO.
Spatial Investigations. RedLine Artist in Residence Exhibition. RedLine Gallery, Denver, CO. Artist




2016 Birch Creek Artist Residency

2015 Acadia Foundation, Richard Estes

2008-2010 RedLine Denver.